Granada Kitchen cabinets: Granada kitchen cabinets offer elegant and luxuries look to your kitchens. The design is flexible that it can be adopted to any kitchen, either having concrete slab or not. Powder coating gives you a wide range of colors to suit your interiors.

Granada Kitchen Cabinets as smoke and heat resistant and are assure to last for ever. Structure is so durable as to overlay marble slabs. Maximum space saving accessories and modular partitions system! Good looking long lasting and affordable price compare to wood! Water resistant and fire resistant!

A revolutionary change in latest kitchen world in India with “Granada” Aluminum sections and super hylam panels.

State of art kitchen cabinets. Popular in Europe and Gulf countries with several advantages over conventional cabinets.

  Cutlery Unit: Granada cutlery units are master pieces crafted with at most care using patented aluminium powder coated sections, hylam sheets an etched glass. It is the most coat effective alternative to showcase your precious cutlery and crockery. They can be custom made to utilize your space effectively, matching your over all design scheme
  Glaze Aluminium Windows: Powder coated aluminium windows from Granada with patented aluminium sections is not just cost effective, durable substitute of Timber. Its unique profiles give your windows real face lift enhancing the over all architectural experience of the building.
Granada Bathroom Fixtures: Granada toilet doors are strong and completely resistant to the wet conditions of your bathroom. They are provided with tough powder coating and can be fitted with mirror.

Granada tub and shower cubicles keep the dampness in the wet area alone. They are life long with Granada’s high quality powder coated aluminum sections and hylam sheets.

  Color wash basin: Granada fancy wash basin unit is a unique product built with patented aluminium powder coated sections and granite. It is affordable and most durable among any wash basin counters. There are built in mirror, light. Storage and is provide with custom made decorative panels like stained or etched glass match your décor.
  Family Bed: An integrated all aluminium & Hylam sheet bed unit equipped with all the convenience you wanted, like ample storage space, provision for bed-TV unit, VCD players, Telephone, Mirror etc. to name a few, Granada bed unit is strong and durable, gives you a comfortable sleep at affordable cost with more utilities than any other bed units in the market. A wide range of colors selection an design in “Granada” sections Imported know – how with architectural art work in each an every point.
  Take wood color Wardrobe: Elegant looking Granada wardrobe units strongly built with patented high quality Aluminium and Hylam sheets is the most cost effective alternative to wood. Your wardrobe units are power coated and custom made to suit any decor.